" Art 'is and make' culture." With Art Consultant VALENTINA TINTORI...

She studied two of her greatest passions, Museology and Art History; today we know her as a wonderful contemporary art consultant. Completely devoted to her job as art advisor and curator, she materializes her clients dreams since she finds, adquires, curates, installs fantastic art, and creates the museography according to the place or situation… That sounds like a pretty sensational métier, right?

The life and job of this great Venezuelan woman, that I have known since a little girl by the way; was surely worth to talk about in my blog. This is what she shared...
What is it that you love the most about your job?
My job is simply my passion. I am an emerging art collector. I enjoy and appreciate an art piece just like those who love to enjoy and appreciate a great opera or a performance in a theater. I am in love with artistic oeuvres created with discipline, determination, process, motive, and innovative concept.
Tell me about the behavior of the market of the arts today, how do you perceive it?
It is such an active one. With a wide social networking and communications, information travels everywhere so rapidly; a reality that helps extend the reach of the arts. Globalization has positioned the arts as a worldwide theme; this allows people with deep sensibility to find and buy pieces that satisfy their tastes. It is much easier now compared to twenty years ago, when people knew mostly art created locally. Today we are all connected. There is a greater offer because there is a greater demand. On the other hand, this is not a market of massive production; artists and buyers long for their pieces to acquire greater value as time passes.

What are people loving the most  right now in the art world and business?
It always depends on the kind of public. There are people looking to feel a connection with the art pieces; there are others that want to invest their money in art; there are the ones that buy certain pieces of art to rescue the knowledge involved in them, as if wanting to save the history and knowledge of an old book.

What would you advice to those who want to start building an art collection with a limited budget?
It depends of the type of collection; but mainly…
1. Consider the purpose of the collection you want to create; what it is that you really want. Defining a theme or topic is the only way to create a serious collection. For example: Urban Art/ Emerging Art/ Latinamerican Art/ The 50’s Feminism/ Geometric Abstraction/  Minimalism.
2. Go through deep research, ‘reading’, about what you want to collect.
3. Visit expos and galleries to have direct contact with art pieces.

4. Find an expert to help you.

This wonderful professional in the art business closed our interview with a precious idea, one that I personally believe in and share…

“It is important to understand that ART transforms and educates like music, cinema, theater and literature do. One cannot forget that ART means cultural contribution; ART ‘is and makes culture’.”

Thank you, Valentina, for your time and ideas… To you my best wishes in your successful life and career!


For more information about Valentina:
Twitter: @Artconsult
Webpage: valentinatintori.com


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