Many of you are still experiencing hard wintery cold, but there is no better way to warm-up a bit; at least to warm up our thoughts, than to think about all the RESORT 2014 FASHION TRENDS… Oh, yes! So let´s go through some of the cutest ones…
Lovely crop tops, fabulous artistic & tropical prints, pleats, minis, voluminous, structured and safari-inspired pieces … They were so beautiful and for every style and body type. But there were a few TRENDS I found especially adorable… Take a bite…
1. NAUTICAL STRIPES: I just a-dore this TREND. True it is that NAUTICAL STRIPES will always be a classic, but designers as usual find their way to inject an updated vibe to them through cuts, volumes, width and great combinations. Some pieces were more feminine than others; while blue, black and white were the designers (and our) favorites. So perfectly chic! (Images: Marni,Valentino)

2. MAXI DRESSES & SKIRTS: Boho or glamorous , these maxi dresses and skirts in light, solid or vibrant hues; with edgy or romantic prints were very much present in the Resort Collections runways. If you find these maxis irresistible (they certainly are) remember to always consider ‘proportion’and your body type when choosing which one to wear and how to compliment it. (Images: Moschino Cheap & Chic, Valentino)

3. GORGEOUS DENIM: Denim were all around. It seems that easing classic pieces through the use of this casual fabric, mostly in light tones, is the way to go. My faves? Two-pieces denim ensembles; so modern and beautiful! (Images: Chloé, Balmain)


4. BAGGY TROUSERS: There is something so sexy about wearing men-inspired clothing… Ufff… I adore it! Who said that looking gorgeous meant being uncomfortable? BAGGY TROUSERS well accompanied can look so put together, cool, and so very perfect to state our tough, womanly personality. Love them! (Images: Louis Vuitton, Proenza Schouler)

5. FEMININE LACE: For those of us suffering from old-age-thinking (like it is not in our genes, right?); celebrate that LACE is a must (thank you, designers!); it always is! Pieces in this classic fabric make us look forever-elegant and chic. But if you feel like toughen it up, there were plenty of pieces created with modern net-like materials, so go-for them! (Images: Christopher Kane, Valentino)


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