I believe in serendipity… Life constantly sends us signs, lots of them; and if we slow down, breathe and pay attention we will be able to connect the dots…
And so there it was, serendipity blessing me again. Right in front of my eyes I see a phrase of the wonderful Carmel Snow (1887-1961) while randomly reading lovely articles. It was about madame Snow’s insight: Before well-dressing the body, it should be about ‘well-dressing the mind’… Clearly, that was her vision as the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and later of Harper’s Bazaar more than eight decades ago; an idea that will never ever go out of fashion.
There is so much to say about ‘well-dressing the mind’… so much. I am not any wise guru, but there are certain things I have had the fortune of learning along the way. The world around me has been my best teacher and guide to be honest. For sure, it has taught me every day much more than what academics have. 
Today, it feels right to share some strong personal thoughts if you like (or love) the idea of ‘well-dressing the mind’, because after all ‘life is a runway’ where the inside is what one dresses and must dress first…
  • First of all, ‘well dressing the mind’ is a personal decision and a process that never ends in this journey called life.
  • Be and stay curious. Make every minute a learning experience. Learn from other people, even from those you dislike. Learn from other cultures and situations you go through; because there is really no such thing as ‘coincidence’.
  • Take advantage of any academic education you can get; but if you do not have or have had the opportunity of formal education; learn from what the world teaches you. There is where the real teaching happens if you are open to it.
  • Follow your intuition, read, watch movies and cultivate your spirit. Anything that calls your attention and gives you butterflies in your stomach you must never ignore.
  • Be appropriate. Show your respect and appreciation to others.
  • Practice and enjoy practicing protocol and etiquette; because it has nothing to do with snobbery, but with being a kind, thoughtful human being with a rich mind, heart and soul.
  • Discretion is paramount. Your words reveal who you really are, your inner world, your essence and your value as a person. Be ready to listen more and speak less.
  • Be aware that there is nothing more untasteful (and inappropriate) than vulgarity. And be careful with excess and logos (all those big letters belong to the alphabet and to books!).
  • Never forget that we are all valuable human beings; no person is more valuable than another. Acting pretentious is always a clear proof of a person’s insecurities. Have this always in ‘mind’!
  • Be genuinely authentic, be true, and never be afraid of acting with integrity. The better you are, the better the world will be, feel and ‘look’, of course.
  • Remember, clothes should not wear you, you should wear them gracefully while enjoying it as a very personal experience. How we carry our clothes, how we behave and act in them is what great style and extraordinary fashion is really all about!

With love…

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