Life is full of beautiful people, ready to help others to accomplish goals and dreams just for the joy of injecting bits of happiness and beauty to the world.
Today, I have the privilege of sharing with you the story of a lovely lady that decided to get in the best shape of her life (inside and out); and not only she did it for herself, but now she inspires and help others to do the same in the most genuine way.
How do I know she wants genuinely to do well? The only payment she asks for is the mutual commitment and support between all women ready to take her ‘fun challenge’: The ‘reto divertido’.
Adriana Ramirez, a Venezuelan, better known as @MOMOF4TRANSFORM; reshaped her body and life after giving birth to her four children; when she lost her figure and gain much weight. she dropped more than 20 pounds, got healthy and achieved her best fitness level ever. Today, she helps hundreds of moms around the world to do the same through her 12 weeks ‘reto divertido’; which she shares in her Instagram account @MOMOF4TRANSFORM. 
She says her method has key elements:
  • Healthy and conscious meals, five times a day.
  • Getting in shape with well-thought exercise routines any busy mom could accomplish.
  • Find at least three persons as a ‘support system’ at home, at work and/or in your circle of friends.
  • But most importantly, by supporting and getting support from the other moms in the ‘reto divertido’.
Once the person get in touch with her, they start a confidential bond that includes a guided diet, exercise routines, weekly updates on the progress achieved; as well as active support toward the other moms who follow her ‘reto divertido’ on Instagram.
I honestly could not resist sharing this fascinating story… It is so wonderful to see that this world is indeed full of extraordinary human beings wanting to sincerely help others become the best version of themselves. You know what they say… A happy/healthy mom, means a happy/healthy family!
Adriana, thank you for setting such a positive and lovely example! Congratulations, and all the best wishes!
Check out Adriana’s challenge in Instagram: @momof4transform
And, don't miss her YouTube videos!

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  1. She is definitely inspiring to many including myself! Right now I am doing the reto divertido and starting ny week 4 I can already see changes! Feel better, full of energy too! She is truly amazing


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