´What color should I wear? ` That is a question I have heard over and over during my sessions and classes.
Well… You should wear any color you love or want. Will it make all your lovely attributes pop out? Maybe yes or not. But, when wearing that color; do you feel beautiful, full of energy or charm; do you feel joyful, do you feel yourself; or even better, your best self? If for any of these questions the answer is YES… Go ahead, wear that color you adore and rock it all day through!
It is true that there are warm and cool colors and tones. If you want to shine big time, warm colors and/or tones of certain colors would look great on you if your skin has a warm undertone. The same happens with cool colors or tones if your skin is cool toned.
This means that if you love blue, yellow, red… Even earthy colors; look for a tone (warm or cool) in that color that matches your warm or cool skin undertone.
But, most of the time, you shine according to how you feel inside; so, color should not be a priority!
Another cliché is wearing certain colors depending on the season. Why? You wear the color you want, no matter the season! Color protocol is applied when protocol is need for its formality or required respect in specific occasions. 
Remember that how you look; your clothes and their color, your style and behavior are an expression of that gorgeous human being you are! Therefore, enjoy your own runway/journey every single day under your own terms.
Let me propose you today AQUAMARINE! Aquamarine eyes remind me of wisdom, freedom, bravery, justice, and so many others dignifying values. So, if you feel like it; either in great doses or just soft accents (maybe through an accessory); go for it, no fear included!
Much love to you all!

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