It represents a key element in the business world; and it certainly is key not only in the highly competitive working field but also in our everyday life… Many recognize it as POWER DRESSING; a term that goes beyond the clothes we wear, since it is more about ‘the how’ we wear them and behave in them. This POWER DRESSING has everything to do with the respect, consideration and appreciation we have for ourselves and for those around us.
The POWER DRESSING I address here is related to feeling READY TO SUCCEED in life in general. It reminds us about our motivations, dreams and anything that makes us feel ‘inspired’ and excited. It keeps us energetic, driven, happy with our selves and ready to work hard, even when adversity knocks the door. Plus, no doubt this concept makes this world a more appealing one… No bad, right?
Here some fundamental aspects of this POWER DRESSING you might want to discover if you are not practicing it already… Take it as an invitation to join in and absorb the supreme idea.
  • It has nothing to do with pretentions or snobbery, it has to do with DRESSING TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU.
  • It is appropriate to the environment that surrounds us.
  • It is an important part of our presentation to the world as the responsible, morally and ethically correct human beings we are.
  • It is linked to the discipline of being elegant, especially when it comes to being very elegant in our souls.
  • It compiles all the characteristics of what is called GOOD TASTE: Dressing according to your age, event, body type and life style.
  • It respects our individual essence through an honest, authentic style.
  • It always goes together and in consonance with our superb proper and charming behavior.
  • It reveals our impeccable personal hygiene.
  • It is a way of dressing that is charged with positive messages to the world around us.
  • It makes turn faces for setting an example worth following.
  • It can reflect updated fashion trends but in a way of PERSONAL INTERPRETATION.
  • It is supposed to reinforce our DIGNITY and SELFWORTH.
  • It is full of balance, proportion and never falls toward exaggerations.
  • It is indeed a PERSONAL CHOICE related to the goal of materializing our deepest, most precious dreams.
  • It is a conviction in our mind, heart and soul; then to be externalized in our clothes and the way we wear them and act in them.
  • It helps us look into other people’s eyes fearless and convinced of who we are.
  • POWER DRESSING is supposed to be our contribution to life. And believe me, it could work wonders especially in our working place.

Here some very easy tips…
  • Besides having a spectacular hygiene...
  • AVOID anything that looks exaggerated or too risky. This includes: Deep plunging, too short or too tight pieces (especially skirts and tops); over-the-top make-up, hairdos, manicures or pedicures.
  • Be aware of your words, movements and behavior since this CHARMING POWER DRESSING will speak up about your excellent manners, kind thoughtfulness and great tastes.
  • Remember, it is about being the best version of yourself.
  • Equally, a superb hygiene is a must for the gents!
  • Your suit, shirt, shoes, and accessories should be appropriate for your working place (depending on how creative or formal it is).
  • You will always look fabulous in a suit the right size and fitting. That means that it (your suit) actually fits well and does not make wrinkles (from excess or lack of fabric) on your body.
  • The color of your shoes and belt are supposed to be the same or pretty similar.
  • Forget the matchy-matchy when it comes to your shirt, tie and pocket square; their colors and prints should relate to one another but not be exactly the same.
  • Finally, your presence in general; meaning your words, actions and the way you carry yourself; needs to be aligned with this POWER DRESSING conception: Be a GENTLEMAN!

Do not forget that POWER DRESSING is not just about clothes we wear; but mostly about the person who is wearing them…

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