Most of us live very busy and intense lives in an extremely competitive world where every second, every word, every step we take counts. We love to accumulate great successes and treasures that go beyond diplomas, titles and the material world. Though, very frequently we find ourselves absorbed by our hectic schedules and we forget many of the essentials; such as trying to make of our time and the time of those around us a wonderful and enriching experience; and... Why not? To leave this world a little better place than how we found it.
It is said that real treasures lays in the quotidian little things and details. I cannot agree more about that; therefore I decided to dedicate these lines to the treasure of the MODERN ETIQUETTE practice. Today we call it 'modern', maybe after very subtle adjustments it has gone through with time; but in reality, ETIQUETTE is eternal and will always be. It has been thousands of years since men realized he could not live alone and ignore those around him; so he found in the practice of ETIQUETTE an art to make him and others live better and happier in society.
MODERN ETIQUETTE is related to all those wonderful details and constant actions of treating people and oneself well. Its essence is linked to the idea that one must not look down at anyone unless it is to help; right on the track of what I would call 'real success'.
Here some key suggestions of that valuable art of the MODERN ETIQUETTE... It is all about being thoughtful, caring and having common sense:
  • Greet and treat everyone kindly. They are simple actions that have a wonderful snow ball effect.
  • Stand up and give a firm and confident hand shake with your right hand when greeting or welcoming.
  • Keep a straight but naturally relaxed posture when standing or seated. Place your legs close to each other.
  • Showing an attitude of respect and discretion when listening to others opinions and points of views at all time is crucial, no matter how informal the situation is.
  • Avoid talking about sensitive subjects such as religion, politics and sex in professional encounters. Even when socializing or sharing with family, these subjects should be treated with great tact and prudence.
  • Hold eye contact with whom you are talking to around 60% of the duration of the conversation. Eye contact shows your respect and the attention you are paying to others. Take brief breaks and the retake eye contact.
  • Your body language should be discrete but proactive. Never exaggerate gestures, movements or expressions. Hold a straight but calm and relaxed posture.
  • Pay attention to every word you say. Your vocabulary should be impeccable, respectful and coherent at all times; even during informal meets.
  • The way you present yourself (including hygiene) and how you are dressed must be impeccable as well, and proper to the formality of the situation. Stay away of clothes, accessories, make-up and hair style that could appear exaggerated or vulgar.
  • When it comes to introductions, the person of greater authority is introduced first. Older people should also be introduced first, but hierarchy prevails. For example: Mr. President, may I introduce you to Mr. Vreeland, President of Citibank.
  • The use of electronic devices should be avoid at any formal or informal encounter, unless it is an emergency. 
By practicing MODERN ETIQUETTE we can make our everyday life evolved into a lovely and more precious piece of art.

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