Fall is here and with it lowing temperatures, rain and soon, snow. Truth be told, most of us adore fall and winter, for their holidays and the fashion, of course. Uffff... But some of our typical season-worries start coming up. We don't want to ruin our favorite boots and shoes; and we are not going to give up our great style, no way! On the other hand, for those of us with kids, we want to keep them warm, wet and safe.

But there is always brilliant people around, trying to help us make our everyday easier and more joyful. This time it is Daniela King, an American/Venezuelan, and her group of SealShoeCovers...

Check out our little conversation and get ready for an easier fall and winter...
 Daniela, tell us about your product...
It is an innovative, fun and practical product that protects any kind of shoes in rain, snow and mud.

How did you come up with this idea? What inspired you?
We started SealShoeCovers in spring 2012, when on my way to the office it suddenly started to rain pretty hard. I couldn't get out of my car because I didn't want to ruin my new shoes. Fortunately, I had some plastic bags with which I covered my shoes. Then I thought, 'how come there are no easy protectors for this kind of situation', and it all started there; I had to create a practical and attractive protector for our shoes.

How is SealShoeCovers so special?
It is the ideal protection for going out in any of your favorite shoes, including heels! And they fold into their own pouch; very practical and convenient, and you can take them anywhere.
Another special feature is that we create them thinking on a wide public; the unstoppable working women, housewives and for their kids from 7 years old up.

Where can we buy them?
You can get them on our website www.sealshoecovers.com , and soon in stores.

Do you work with collections each season?
Yes, we introduce new colors and prints according to what is trendy, pretty and cool each season.
You told me this became a dream-project; and now it is a reality. Any words for those entrepreneurs who are full of dreams?
Sure; that with love and hard team-work anything is possible. Learn to listen to the experts, never give up; and any obstacle is a chance to learn and improve our ideas.

Well, we are ready to have an easier, lovely fall and winter...
Thank you, Daniela, and best of luck with the wonderful SealShoeCovers!

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