LIFE IS A RUNWAY… A lovely, charming, romantic, tasteful, beautiful one if we decide so. No matter our journey, no matter the exterior…It is up to us to make ‘this runway’ the most extraordinary one.
Christmas is everywhere! Holiday’s season is so on! And we want to experience it intensely and shine along in every possible way! We want to feel authentic and look absolutely amazing! Oh yes!
So, today; inspired in those magnificent, brave women who chose to love and live life to the fullest  while ‘thinking pink’… I came up with this publication I dedicate to probably one of the most glamorous, sophisticated and personality-charged accessory of all times, the HEAD SCARF. Mmmmm…

HEAD SCARVES give you that extra something to irradiate your natural glamour in  a very special and lovely way. They take us back to the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and on… When our most beloved, tasteful fashion-icons lived; as they still live in our hearts, minds and spirits today.
Well, let me tell you that HEAD SCARVES are still so very on! They will always be! And if you feel ready to go for them (you should!), there are just a few things you need to consider:
  • They should fit comfortably.

  • You need to feel at ease with them. At the beginning HEAD SCARVES might feel a little avant-garde; but I promise that in a very little time they will become a part of you and your superb style!
  • They should go with your personality. Choose a color, print, material and fit with which you feel and look as the best version of your true self.
  • They are many ways to tie them up, and the best part is that they do not need to look too perfect.
  • Look for fabrics depending on the occasion (casual to elegant); and the temperature: From mesh, soft cottons and silks, to knits and wools.
  • The most important advice to look absolutely stunning with a HEAD SCARF is to pay attention to your make-up and the rest of your accessories. Go for dramatic eyes, vibrant lip colors; you can also rock some XL shades (J Lo is a total expert on this); and then keep earrings and necklaces simple; unless you chose a monochromatic HEAD SCARF and you want to make a statement with a piece of jewelry.
Remember to honor you essence, celebrate your style and all the rest of your blessings! Here more images for inspiration…

To my dear Dani, with all my love!

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