So many things are happening in the world… Confusing consumerism, uncertain economies, menacing radicalism; let us say that there are ups and downs everywhere in any possible area of our society. From politics to religion, to education to ethics to fashion! So much information, trends, ideas and nuanced ideals… Wow, how easy our head can feel spinning dizzy!
Now, going back to the main theme of this blog; that for sure goes beyond ‘fashion’… Going back to being a beautiful human being, to GOOD TASTE and EXCELLENT MANNERS; things are getting pretty ugly; and the whole idea of making our lives a lovely ‘runway’ is being in constant attack.
Lately, I have seen rude excess, awful pretention, a great deal of immorality, total absence of common sense; and worst of all, LACK of INTEGRITY.
There is no denial that the morals and values that once made women and men spectacular human beings; are now being push aside; and honestly, watching the process is devastating!
But, this is not and cannot be the end! This recognition should take us to devote ourselves to the revival of the most outstanding taste and manners; especially when it comes to making our reality a permanent runway; a journey that clearly starts from the inside out.
So, if you are in, let’s remind ourselves what comes first:
  • INTEGRITY comes first. Our words, actions and fashion should be aligned with our morals and values. We are not skin for sale!
  • WATCH OUT! PRETENTION push us away from our true and honest essence and charm. Honor who you are! Stand up straight and be the best version of yourself. Showing off is just the opposite of what good taste and great manners are all about.
  • BE TRUE; wear clothes and style yourself in a way that truly reflect the authentic, real YOU. The best YOU, of course.
  • SET THE EXAMPLE. Dress and act properly and accordingly; remember that VULGARITY is simply a way of absolute disrespect; and cannot be farther from what true beauty is. Therefore…
  • SHOW RESPECT TO EVERYONE, and with ‘everyone’ comes YOURSELF FIRST. We live in a society we must contribute with positively; be responsible and respect it!
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. Remember that most of the times; less is more, much more beautiful. EXCESS is just excess; and usually speaks up real bad taste!
  • Lastly, ENJOY this runway call life! And stay humble, be kind, thoughtful and loving in the process!

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