For Fashion lovers or not, for those with deep aesthetic sensibility or simply aesthetic intuition... The truth is that REAL CLASS COMES FROM WITHIN or it is not present in a person at all.
CLASS... How can one define something so marvelous, profound, rich but at the same time so basic... Common sense, the great virtue of 'good manners', social tact, respect for ourselves and for others; that is what real CLASS is about. It is certainly not revealed by our dresses; but of course, our appearance and hygiene are inseparable from it.
I woke up today with a huge necessity, I needed to talk about this topic. Our life situations and challenges give us the great gift of having to think about our true selves, our essence; of having to decide what we really want to be and become; and immediately the word CLASS comes to my mind and heart... A value, a virtue, a topic  that sounds and is very special and big; because CLASS is a heart and soul necessity!

It is also true that we start learning it at home. Although, not everyone has the blessing of knowing about it from early ages; intuitively those with pure heart will try to search for it for sure.
On the other hand, it is never too late to strengthen it inside of us... Though, it is something very personal and genuine, an intention that needs to blossom naturally.

Well, I will not go further today; but this infinite and wonderful  virtue inevitably will come up over and over in my writings; clearly exposed or in disguise... Because, without CLASS I do not want to live.
We, human beings, are not perfect, but everyday represents a chance to become better persons; and REAL CLASS is definitely attached to that path.
Especially today, I wish to share with you all a couple of thoughts from my always beloved Don Manuel Carreño, a magnificent soul that left in his writings valuable content about the most precious social graces and virtues in life... Don Carreño, you will always be in my mind and heart...
“For a well-mannered man, there is not a single moment  when he should feel release from his DUTY TO BE KIND AND COURTEOUS"... And.. "For frankness to be a virtue, it should always go accompanied by PRUDENCE."

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