There is nothing more mysterious, intriguing, inviting, sexier and comfortable than to pull off menswear… Remember, there is a reason (well, millions of reasons) why we loved Madame Coco.Yes, ladies; and for those of you still incredulous; let me enlighten you…

Believe it or not, studies constantly show that when we wear pieces related to men’s fashion; unconsciously, gentlemen feel more comfortable around us! Yes! Oh, that applies when we use men's cologne too, by the way.

Ok… So beside that marvelous fact regarding men feeling good when we are near, many of us had fallen head over heels (personally, for a long time now) for menswear inspired fashion. Oh, I adore it!!!

But, wearing this kind of vibe does not mean giving away our wonderful feminine side, never! It means using ensembles with touches of manly charm. Here some ideas…
GO EASY BUT CHIC IN OXFORDS: This is one of my favorite choices. For casual looks in shorts, bermudas, crop pants… Or even better & more chic with a cute skirt or dress, OXFORDS look so gorgeous!!! TDF!!!
BE A TAILORED SEÑOR-ITA: We always want to look put-together, even if we are feeling like dressing in relaxed, men-inspired clothes. That is why tailored pieces are the perfect choices. You do not have to wear a two -pieces tailored suit; instead, you can opt for the jacket or pants accompanied with feminine accessories... These tailored pieces will look ah-mazing on you! Not feeling too daring? Then go for easy boyfriend jeans or shirt; or men inspired accessories, like a hat or fedora.
ROCK IT AS A TUXEDO LADY: Here it comes (again) my obsession with my always remembered and beloved YSL… When it comes to a fabulous night-time look; go for it, opt for a TUXEDO inspired suit and it will not get any sexier and glamorous at the same time. Of course, the idea is never to compete with men nor wear the literal etiquette look. Leave the shirt out of your ensemble, or wear a delicate tank top with glamorous necklaces and great heels. Believe me, you will be the hot belle of the ball!
Enjoy your masculine side while honoring your feminine one!

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