Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1983, the wonderful Emely Jimenez creates her couture designs in Paris; with her first promising prêt-à-porter collection coming this next summer 2014…

She is another very talented and hardworking Venezuelan designer emerging that we cannot help but feel so proud of! Viva Venezuela!
Brought up in a modest but loving family, she always knew she was going to become a fashion designer someday. At the age of 16, right after finishing high school, she began to study what would become her profession.
Here it is what she shared with me…
Emely, which are your main sources of inspiration?
My main sources of inspiration have been and still are nature, the feminine side of women, their delicacy and ‘good taste’; which does not mean wearing the most expensive pieces of fashion.

Tell me about your life…
My life is a marvelous adventure, with its ups and downs; its sour and sweet moments; after all they are what make life worth living.
When it comes to my job, I started as an intern in the atelier of the Venezuelan couturier and designer, Giovanny Coronado. After 3 years there, I started my own brand in Venezuela.
I participated in a contest that paid homage to Cristian Dior organized by the French Alliance of Maracaibo. After that, I collaborated with some fashion magazines; including two swimsuit collections for women. Then, I was invited to the Venice Design Week 2012.
I have dedicated 19 years of my life to creating fashion with great effort, sacrifice and passion.

How did you end up in Paris?
Thanks to a fantastic plastic artist from Maracaibo called Wilmer Herrison, who lives here in Paris. He loved my worked. He was one of the reasons for my participation in the Venice Design Week 2012. W. Herrison encouraged me to come to live in this city.
Paris has been my dream came true. Living, breathing and feeling its ‘fashion’; as well as its people and culture, have played a crucial role in my life as a designer. In Paris, every day I acquire more and more experience while I try to project my work internationally.

I met you in the last show of the Venezuelan Oscar Carvallo’s couture collection Spring/Summer 2014 in Paris; for which you collaborated in the making of some dresses. How was that experience?
It was wonderful, unique and unforgettable! I worked with a great team of Venezuelan, Bolivian, Peruvian, French and Spanish ladies. Plus, it was amazing and challenging to create designs inspired in the kinetic art of the master Carlos Cruz Diez. I deeply enjoyed it and the results were superb.
How about your dreams? How do you see yourself in a few years from now?
I am a dreamer, that is what keeps me going. My greatest dream is to enter in the international market and represent my country. I see myself with my own brand and boutiques, showing my collections during fashion week; launching a perfume, and of course, having children with my husband.
Today the world is witness of the tough situation that Venezuela is going through. What words would you like to give to those young dreamers and hardworking Venezuelans?
I tell them to never stop believing in themselves; no matter what others say. I always found those who told me I would never make it; but they made me become more convinced and secure of my fight and my dreams. There are no limits, just the ones we put on ourselves.
Venezuela is full of great, talented and special people. Now, more than ever it is time to work to become better persons, citizens, and to learn to fight together.

To Emely, thank you for this interview; we are sure that you will keep succeeding and we will celebrate it! Best wishes for you!

In the picture, Emely with her husband.
To contact Emely: +330638331012 Mlyjim@gmail.com Instagram: @Emy_ez

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