If you are one of those who LOVE the idea of a Caribbean exotic paradise, you might like to read  the anecdotic, chaotic but hilarious book, LA HORA LOCA (The Crazy Hour) written by our dear Venezuelan, delightful ‘sifrino’, Toto Aguerrevere. No doubt, it will be a great opportunity for you to practice your Spanish (no English version, otherwise I am pretty sure it will lose its unique charm); and your chance to find out a little bit more about us, the lovely Venezuelan people, and their crazy wonderland.
Yes, Venezuela, the land of beautiful women; the kind that wins Miss Universe titles… Also where the ‘innombrable’ ex-president pretended to establish the ‘socialismo del siglo XXI (pretty sure you do not need translation for that, right?)… The more than gorgeous country where the sun is out all year long… Maybe that is why we still have people like Toto, never late to bring up all the humor from a reality governed by pseudo-socialists that are more capitalists than anyone else in the entire human existence (including other universes); and who are under the guidance of Cuba… Awful, I know! But, do not feel pity for us because we will get through this; and you, yes you, will be soon dreaming about living here with all of us in this HORA LOCA…
By the way; the HORA LOCA refers to that peak moment in the typical Venezuelan party when everyone is already under the spell of God Baco, dancing, using and wearing silly party favors.
Believe me, we are adorable… So, check out this interview with Toto Aguerrevere and his second book…
Gaby: Tell me about this book, how would you describe it?
Toto: La HORA LOCA is a book to reflect through laughter. How would we call LA HORA LOCA of the parties, ‘crazy’; if it is such an organized momentum? Everybody puts a hat on, dance together in ‘trencito’, even the ‘conga’. That’s pretty normal. The abnormal is the rest of our day, then it is when we all get really crazy. A society that when the results of political elections are about to be revealed, people do not know whether to start drinking champagne or taking a Valium. In a society like that, it is very unlikely to find people that could put it all together.
Gaby: I love your way of writing, your words feel honest. Apparently, you have no fear of saying what is in your creative mind. I find that quite fascinating, considering we live in an extremely judgmental society. What moves you, what inspires you to write that way?
Toto: I write things that I would like to read. Sometimes they come out very honest, other times not so much. My inspiration is simple: Every morning I have breakfast with the newspaper in my hand. Out of the 18 breaking news in the front page, there is not even one positive. I try to find the humor in each; not as a way to make fun of them but to understand them better. It is only through humor that we understand our tragedies and overcome our reality. I do not know any other way to do so.
Gaby: You make jokes and make us laugh; but I notice there are always ‘human values’ involved in your writing in one way or another. Which are those ‘values’ that are most precious to you, those you will never give up as you write?
Toto: I would never write about something I do not believe in. Many brands that sell alcoholic beverages offer me to write about certain party or product; but my premise is quite simple: If I do not drink that product, why would I talk wonderful things about it? They should find someone that really likes and consumes it! Write for money is easy and convenient, but if you are getting paid, you should at least be honest about the experience in that party or with that product; you should be loyal and open about speaking out the truth related to it.  I cannot find a good story out of just being in a particular party and having a Johnnie Walker; but if on the dance floor the disco ball falls; then there is a good story to tell! Why did it fall? And, most importantly, over who or what it fell over.
Gaby: The readers of this blog love fashion; I personally consider fashion a treasure to express who we are in every stage of your life… Tell me, do you have any fun anecdote related to fashion worth telling?
Toto: I do, in this book; in one chapter called ‘My Life on the D-List’ I wrote about it. It was in an Ángel Sánchez’s runway show, where I thought I had won a prize. I went up the stage feeling like James Bond dressed in Tom Ford to pick it up when I realized I have heard the wrong number, I was not the freaking winner…
Gaby: All of this experience you have gone through while writing in your blog and your books; how has it changed you?
Toto: I am still the same guy. What did change was the perception that others have of me now. The other day while having a chat with my dad he said that some guy asked him if I was friendly. My dad laughed and told him: “my son? He is a turd!” Even though my dad likes to exaggerate; I am not my blog, and I like that. I am even shy and quiet, because to be able to write I cannot be the center of attention. I need to observe, listen and take notes (and to be the center of attention only when you get up on stage in a fashion show by mistake, well, that is something else; that is epic!). If you ask my friends if I am friendly, they would say: “friendly? Toto has never been friendly in his entire life. He is nice, a little; but never friendly.” Those people who do not know me think I am my blog; but in reality, my blog is like an album with pictures where I only post the pictures I want people to see… The rest, what for?
If I have changed? There are five years of my life in that blog. Everything that has happened to me, my ups and downs are right there. I love that because when I read something I wrote years ago, I feel no regrets of having embarked on this adventure.
Thank you again, dear Toto! And do not miss his HORA LOCA!
Toto’s blog: www.totoaguerrevere.com ; twitter: @totoaguerrevere.
Ps: Beautiful pictures, dear @Maiskell!

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