I adore talking about talents in the fashion design world; even more when the special one in question has Venezuelan roots… So great!

I had the pleasure to interview the very gorgeous designer, Isabella Ciliberto; creative force and director of the exclusive and exquisite PAMPLEMOUSSE BEACH swimwear line; with more than ten years of experience and established in the Dominican Republic… Pure good taste and style!

This year Isabella will present her new collection KALEIDOSCOPIO in the upcoming fashion week DOMINICANA MODA 2014. This collection promises to be a total success for its concepts and content; full of fantastic colors, prints and shapes charged with a very special abstraction.

Here what this lovely designer shared with me…

What is the story behind PAMPLEMOUSSE BEACH?
I have always loved the beach. I can clearly remember when I was a little girl going to my mother’s friend swimwear store to get us done new bathing suits. I spent days thinking about the colors and designs for my future swimwear. Since then, I always imagined myself becoming a designer of a special swimwear line. But it was not until I moved to the Dominican Republic ten years ago when I decided to make my dream a reality. I realize that there were not local swimwear lines; and even less the existence of the concept that fascinated me so much: Personalized bathing suits and beach clothing.

Why did you call it PAMPLEMOUSSE?
It means grapefruit in French. I wanted a name that sounded tropical. One day a heard my husband talking to his mother in French and the word ‘pamplemousse’ came up. When I found out it meant ‘grapefruit’ I loved it!
Tell me, what are your main sources of inspiration?
Those details found in the ordinary things in life are what inspire me. I find it delightful to transform a piece into something unique through details such as beautiful fabrics, prints, embroideries, beading, accessories and so.

How do you define your brand; what is it that makes it so special?
PAMPLEMOUSSE is modern, colorful, with a very personal style. Definitely it is the detailing in each piece, full of craftsmanship that makes this brand a very special one.

What are those key advices you give to your clients so they would look fantastic?
1.Know your body and what looks ‘good’ and ‘right’ on you.
2.Know your colors, and the designs that highlight your gifts while concealing your less charming features.
3.Always complement your beach looks with a great hat; not only because it will protect you from the sun but also because it will give you a cool and stylish touch.

As a Venezuelan, what can you tell to those new designers full of big dreams?
Venezuelan designers are facing many challenges after all the difficulties the country is going through. Just finding materials to work with represents an odyssey, I know. But these circumstances must not stop them; on the contrary, they can use them to explore even more their creativity, versatility and originality. Hard work, reinventing themselves whenever is needed and perseverance are the key.

Thank you to Isabella for her shares and best wishes to her and her upcoming projects!

If you want to know more about PAMPLEMOUSSE BEACH: Twitter & Instagram: @pamplemousse­_beach   tienda@pamplemoussebeach.com;  www.pamplemoussebeach.com



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