TRANPARENCIES can look so sensual, feminine and divine when the concepts of STYLE & CLASS are not forgotten while putting together our fashionable ensembles.

Our GREAT TASTE can definitely be tested when SHEER becomes part of our looks.

What is it that we need to look impeccable; meaning never falling into vulgarity or becoming a total fashion victim (a very tacky one)?

Let us go through key ideas to ‘always’ take into consideration when TRANSPARENCIES become a choice of style:

1. Any TRANSPARENCY you decide to use needs to be in tune with your personality and essence. CONFIDENCE is a supreme accessory, a necessity. Therefore, you need to OWN and FEEL that piece of clothing with beautiful sheer as part of you.

2. It is all about NOT OVER-EXPOSING SKIN: Sheer must hit on descent places and it should NOT cover too-extensive areas of your body. You are not supposed to be almost-nude in a social gathering, on the street or in any other place where well-mannered people are present.

3. Be wise, DO  NOT OVER DO IT: Choose pieces with TRANPARENCIES that reveal one, at the most two, zones of your beautiful body.

4. Sheer looks better OVER YOUR ASSETS, meaning those parts of your body you love to highlight. Avoid exposing skin with TRANPARENCIES in those areas of your figure that you prefer to conceal.

5. BALANCE AND PROPORTION play a fundamental role: If you want to look beautiful you need to look proportioned. You can use TRANSPARENCIES to make your body look more proportioned. If one area is exposed with sheer fabric, then conceal others to create the illusion of curves or the illusion of slimmer zones. Colors may help with this.
6. KEEP THE REST SIMPLE: You might want to let TRANSPARENCIES be the fashion statement of your well-put-together look. That does not mean to neglect the rest of your ensemble; but certainly not over-charge it. Remember, when in doubt; LESS IS MORE.

7. BE HONEST WITH YOUR SELF & LET THE MIRROR BE YOUR BEST ADVISER. It does not matter what your personal style is, consider the idea that looking put-together and CLASSY are synonyms of LOOKING GOOD!

Be beautiful, be kind, be yourself!


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