Life is full of beautiful, gorgeous things. I personally adore looking around as I let myself appreciate, honor and celebrate how different we all are. Especially when it comes to fashion, this practice has become a favorite one in my everyday life. The magnificent beauty of ‘diversity’ injects so much magic to what we see and feel while coexisting with others. 

Now, diversity and ‘good taste’ go perfect together! No matter our fashion style, there is always space for good taste! 

But, what is ‘good taste’? It is the traditional, old school one that never goes out of fashion and that has to do with common sense and having class. It is a concept that inevitably involves assuming the responsibility of being and looking impeccable and beautiful while respecting ourselves and every person around us.  

So, today I will like to invite you, my dear readers, to BRING BACK THAT TIMELESS, OLD SCHOOL, SUPERB TASTE; always so useful, in need, and easy to adapt in our fast and very modern lives.  

Here some suggestions…  
1. PERSONAL HIGIENE IS PARAMOUNT: Being and looking impeccable (head-to-toe) and smelling lovely is where it all begins! You know what madam Coco used to say; “a girl without perfume has no future.”  

2. BE BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT EXPOSING IT ALL: Showing skin could be superbly sensual, feminine and sexy when done right. Consider exposing one area of your body while covering the rest tenderly. Vulgarity is the total opposite of what is considered GOOD TASTE. This applies also to your exercise wardrobe! Those ladies running errands in tights and tops is one of the most horrendous and unpleasant fashion faux-pas one can see. 

3. DRESS AGE-APPROPRIATE: With age we get internal treasures and great wisdom no one can take away from us. Therefore, if you are not a teenager anymore; wearing less fitted, less short, lor extreme pieces of clothing is not a punishment but an opportunity to shine with wonderful sophistication and class.  

4. BE WISE ABOUT WHAT YOU CHANGE: All changes in our life must ideally be for the better. Now, when it comes to plastic surgery and the likes, there is nothing wrong with those procedures; but, whether you like to hear this or not, going through plastic surgery only to catch the attention of others (at all expenses) is simply quitting your own self value! 

5. GOOD MANNERS & KINDNESS ARE SUPREME ELEMENTS: I will say it over and over again; good taste absolutely implies GOOD MANNERS & KINDNESS with yourself and with others. Consider wisely those words that come out of your mouth and the way they are said. Plus, dressing designer is never and will never be a warranty of excellence and fabulous taste!  

6. CULTIVATE YOUR SOUL AND ALWAYS BE HONEST AND TRUE TO YOUR SELF: Life offers everyday experiences, challenges and gifts to grow as better and more beautiful human beings; take advantage of them and learn gratefully! And, always follow your instincts and your heart. Do, act and dress what feels genuinely right!  
À bientôt! Enjoy your holidays!


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