She is an expert in transforming environments into very special spaces where contemporary art and interior design fuse in perfect harmony to fulfill the needs, dreams and desires of those ones living in them.
Maria Gabriela, a Harvard grad; is a brilliant and accomplished Venezuelan interior designer. As CEO and 'creative force' of Lifestyling® by María Gabriela Brito; she has artistically created the living spaces of important CEOs, celebrities and business people. Her publications and blog are constantly recognized and mentioned worldwide for their fabulous and enriching contents. Brito has also participated as a blogger in Forbes.com and as guest-editor in Gwyneth Paltrow’s weekly lifestyle newsletter GOOP.
María Gabriela has so wonderfully given me some minutes of her busy day to comment on her work, life and to give us some precious advices when it comes to redecorate our living spaces and making them magical without emptying our savings.

It is certainly an honor to talk with and about her today in my blog. Venezuelans, including of course myself, cannot be prouder of this amazing and successful woman! Here is what she shared…

How would you define your job?
I’m a combination between a contemporary art advisor and interior decorator. I design rooms and spaces that are art-centric, livable, usually colorful and dynamic, unique and chic and that reflect the personalities, successes, dreams and backgrounds of my clients.

Which are your main sources of inspiration, what inspires you the most?
New York City is one of my main sources of inspiration because it is such an extraordinary place. Everything here makes me curious and hungry for more. Good fashion inspires me, people with amazing style and personalities inspire me, color, textures, cities, places around the world, art and artists, everything inspires me! I recently got my first coffee table book published, it’s called “Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping” and part of the book is giving a glimpse into my creative process.
In a few words, how would you describe your NYC life?
Exciting, intense, interesting, never two days alike, this is my home. New York is my most important muse and it has been so good to me!
An exciting or special anecdote in your career while doing your job?
Sometimes I’m in a remote place (say Morocco or South Africa) and I end up buying something like a large piece of fabric to reupholster furniture, or a set of vases that I think I had never seen before, just to find them in NYC shortly thereafter.

Three (3) simple advices to those who want to redecorate their homes without spending a fortune?
1. Buy large art pieces that are colorful and engaging (photography usually gives the greater amount of satisfaction for the least amount of money).
2. A small place doesn’t have to have tiny furniture as it will make it look smaller and emptier.
3. Wallpaper can do miracles for any room when chosen correctly.
How do you remember Venezuela?
As a free country full of beautiful and warm people. I’d like to stay with that memory.

To find more about María Gabriela’s work and writing visit: www.mariabrito.com,  @LifeStylingNYC
Thank you, María Gabriela… To you my most genuine best wishes!


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