It is an honor for me to write today about two very special, hardworking, successful Venezuelans; JOSEPH SILVA and NELSON RAMIREZ; who last November were recognized with EMMYS for BEST COMMERCIAL after their work on the commercial campaign for "Gran Ballet Academy" under the production of "Imagina Production".
Here what I found out about them in our interview…
JOSEPH; he was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela; May 20, 1986. As a little kid he felt deep fascination for the creation of movies and TV shows. Since then, it was clear to him what his future was going to be about.
He studied film-making in UCF (University of Central Florida). After an internship in Plum TV, where he got the opportunity produce/shoot/edit his first projects; he began his journey as a freelance producer/editor.
JOSEPH has worked for many companies such as Imagina Productions, The Johnson Administration, Guayaba Pro, HBO, A&E, History, BIO, E! Entertainment, etc.
His hard work and passion paid off as he received his first EMMY in 2011, for a production with Marlon Johnson for Teleamerica.
In 2012, he was once again recognized with an EMMY, his second one, for his contribution on “Dancing with the Trees”, a documentary for the Knight Foundation and the Johnson Administration.
As he keeps producing commercials, documentaries, TV shows, web shows; in 2013 he was awarded with his third EMMY (three years in a row, wow!) for the commercial campaign he directed for "Gran Ballet Academy".
In his words, “this was a very interesting project for me because I had complete creative freedom. I also had the opportunity to work with my brother in law Nelson Ramirez, who composed the original music for the campaign.”
Today he feels he has strengthened his skills as a director, director of photography, and editor; and he has partnered up with one of the most creative agencies in the United States: Octopustudio. Octopusdio has become a successful, innovative photography, film and video production agency, specialized in advertising/commercial/fashion work.
Now, JOSEPH, together with his partners, Eduardo Whaite and Mike Tang, are focused in producing high quality work. Based on originality and artistic vision, they have hands on big projects including commercials, films, documentaries, music videos and fashion films.
Now, when it comes to the wonderful NELSON; he was also born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, August 28th 1972.
He defines his career as “a combination of arts and technology”. He started out by making music for TV commercials, TV movies and short films while finishing his Degree in Communications in Venezuela.
Eventually, NELSON joined HBO and completed a Master degree in the United States. He later started to work with a technology company during the .com era; which helped him witness how communications and technology merged, turning into a game changer for everyone: The Internet.
Although he still dedicates a big part of his life to technology, he continues his efforts in keeping his music side alive; working in his home studio, writing music and making sure to be ready for his next projects.
He has also joined the music scene in Miami playing for multiple bands, helping friends with their projects (one of them earned a Latin Grammy nomination), and doing collaborations.
His recent collaboration as a music composer with the super talented and multi EMMY winner, JOSEPH SILVA, got him an EMMY. In his words, “it was a great experience for me as I feel rewarded for all my years of making music for television.”
Of course, before our interview ended; I asked JOSEPH and NELSON to give some words of advice to our dreamers of today; especially to those Venezuelan young dreamers going through so much right now. This is what they said:
“NEVER GIVE UP. Don't lose sight of your dreams, and always use the power of images to tell your story. All it takes is hard work, dedication, and love! Love what you do and you will never have to work a day of your life!”
“It is difficult to really give advice when I am an admirer of the courage that this new generation has shown. I would have to tell them, always listen to what your heart says, which does not mean to be impulsive. We need to do what we think is right, but also we need to try hard to figure out the consequences of the actions that we take, and that applies to any moment in a person's life.”
To JOSEPH and NELSON, all of my most sincere best wishes. I am sure we will soon hear again about their upcoming successes. As a Venezuelan; I have to say that they make many of us feel pride and inspiration!
To find out more about JOSEPH, NELSON and their work:
@nelramirez; Instagram: @thereeljoe (Joseph Silva), @whaitecanvas (Eduardo White), @Ohrangutang Mike Tang; @octopustudiomia; www.octopustudio.com

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