FASHION and its TRENDS are constantly changing and being reinvented… I have learned that many women and men feel terrified when it comes to them; some feel confused and a bit insecure; some unfortunately become ‘fashion victims’… But these lines are not to judge anyone; on the contrary, it is precisely to help you feel more confident, embrace yourself and look beautiful as well as updated.

So here you have some very simple advices, may I suggest you take them as GOLDEN RULES:
1. When it is time to get dress or go shopping for FASHION, think about ‘the best version of yourself’, celebrate that thought and make it happen. This does not mean you will need a fortune, because today it is easy to find great variety of prices when it comes to pieces of clothing you might love.
2. ALL TRENDS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you love a TREND and feel like wearing it; DO NOT TAKE IT HEAD-TO-TOES OR TOO LITERALLY; and of course, make sure it is AGE APPROPRIATE.
3. Before you get dress or pay for that gorgeous piece of FASHION you are falling for, prepare to BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Look at the mirror as if you are your best friend, that one that will tell you only but the truth in a very caring way.
4. Three key elements when trying on and/or buying clothes: BEAUTY and GOOD TASTE (both things I am sure you are very into them if you are still reading this) are always about PROPORTION, GOOD FITTING and BALANCE.
5. When in doubt, LESS IS MORE.
6. It is definitely better to be overdressed that underdressed; but when it comes to TRENDS, SUBTLETY is the way. NOTE: This is of course a personal belief. But if you find yourself either overdressed or underdressed; please go and get change.
7. You want to LOOK BEAUTIFUL but mostly you have to FEEL BEAUTIFUL.
8. If you feel YOU OWN that trendy look you have on… Wear it without hesitation; as long as you are not disrespecting the etiquette of the event or occasion you are going to! Because at the end, ATTITUDE is the real thing, and you will have it when you are ROCKING YOUR TRUE SELF!
The trick is to stick to all the above at the same time. It may take you some time, but practice will make you an expert! Go for it!

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