Life is full of marvelous people... It is such a delight to find in our path special ones who embody great authenticity, sincerity and deep passion for their work and for life itself. So, speaking of those virtues, today I decided to talk about a lady that possesses them all. She is a fascinating Venezuelan EXPERT IN WINES & WINE TASTING... Her name is SHADIA ANTAKLY,  who shares with us some golden rules when it comes to wine-tasting.

SHADIA was born in the city of Caracas, 1976. She studied in Boston Audiovisual Communication, and experienced what it was like to work in the world of cinematography and advertising. Her next stop was Barcelona, Spain, where she got  her master in Photography in Film Making. Deeply in love with this city, she established her own vinoteca (wine bar)  together with her business partner, also from Venezuela, MARIANA SOCORRO. They made out of this splendid place also an art gallery. SHADIA and MARIANA studied and prepared themselves as they became experts in oenology (the study of wine), viticulture (wine-growing), and wine preparation. Today, these two professionals EXPERTS IN WINES have had precious experiences from their visits to wine cellars all around Spain and to the south of France, working with more than 250 wine references.

Here it is what SHADIA shared with me...
Shadia, how would you define your job?

Our job is pure passion and, of course, sensations. We devote ourselves to help stimulate the senses of those who appreciate or want to learn to appreciate wine; so they can experiment the world of scents and flavors present in each cup of wine.
What inspires and keeps you motivated to do this?

Since I was a young lady my parents introduced me to the wonderful world of wines and great food. They took me everywhere with them. At a very young age I started to learn about wines. MARIANA, my business partner, went through the same experience; so we decided to unify our knowledge and establish a place dedicated to wine and art.

Please, share with us some 'golden rules' when it comes to wine tasting.
We educate our clients through introductory wine tasting classes, so that would be my first advise. This courses start building their experiences, and eventually they learn to chose and discriminate according to their individual tastes. A 'golden rule' is to learn to be aware of our own tastes and enjoy these precious beverages.

Can you give us some key advises when it comes to choosing the right wine with our food?

The secret is about the 'intensity of the flavor and scent' of  both, the food and wine. These two cannot compete with or void each other!

Traditionally, depending on the kind of food and/or event, one must chose a certain wine; though this principle is changing. Usually white wines are recommended to accompany white meats, fish, rice and salads. Red wines would be suggested with red meats and broths; while 'cava' would pair perfectly well with hors d'oeuvres, desserts and celebrations.

But things are changing, as I previously said. Each wine has an individual personality. It is not the same a white wine with fruity aftertaste and a bit sweet, such as a Muscat Sec; to an  Albariño, which is fruity to the nose but dry, citric and mineral in our mouth. That is because they have different blends.

It also has to do with our tastes. For example, I adore red wine and raw fish; but the perfect blend to accompany raw fish or sushi would be a good Muscat Sec or a Chardonnay fermented in barrica. Mariana, my business partner, loves white wines, and she sticks to them mostly. What I mean is that at the end it becomes very personal.

And for those interested in contacting you and your services, how can they reach you?

Through our email paladarvinoteca@gmail.com or our telephones: 0034671470347 & 0034671471029. Our website is now been updated.

My dear SHADIA, I thank you for your time and advices; and wish you much more great successes!



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