It does not happen too often to have the fortune to encounter in this path called life special people that seem to have been born with such a clear concept of what is GOOD TASTE & CLASS... These lovely persons we cannot help but love and admire profoundly. That is the case of VALENTINA SUELS; a charming, kind, thoughtful women that on top of that also happens to be a wonderful designer of Toddlers & Infants spectacular clothing. 
Today I have the pleasure of sharing a small interview I had with this Venezuelan designer; founder & creative director of the adorable TIRAMISU…

Valentina, how did TIRAMISU started?
Gaby, thank you for your invitation. I studied social communications and worked for many years on marketing. When I became a mother of my two children my life completely changed. I went through various stages, always knowing that eventually, besides been a mom and wife; I would create something that would fulfill me 100%. So, when the time was right, TIRAMUSI was born. I showed my first collection in 2010 in my hometown, Caracas.

How do you define your brand? To whom is it created?
My designs are elegant and modern at the same time; ideal for any occasion; from a Sunday brunch to a beautiful party. My public is girls from 12 months old to 7 years old; and boys from 12 months old to 8 years old. This year we lounged our first PJ's collection. On top of that, we have the menorquinas, brought from Spain, that perfectly complement my designs.
What inspires you in your creative process?
I love simple and elegant pieces; it is so beautiful when girls and boys look fresh! There are many things that inspire me; from an haute couture show to just looking at fabrics. I adore and can spend hours checking on new fabrics to include in my collections...
There is something so special about your pieces. What is it that make them so lovely?
Their versatility while never leaving ELEGANCE aside.
I thank Valentina for her time; she is really a spectacular person and designer!

Her designs can be found in Caracas: Rosa Azul C.C. Paseo las Mercedes, Anastasia Baby Centro San Ignacio, A Mano en la Castellana, A Mano en San Luis, Querubines CCCT. And in the rest of the country (Venezuela): Valencia, Puerto La Cruz, Margarita, Puerto Ordaz y Barinas. For more infomartion: informacion.tiramisu@gmail.com

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