We were all born with precious, unique gifts and attributes for a reason. We have all come here with a mission or missions. One of them is for sure to ‘shine our very own way’, and ideally to encourage others shine too.

Isn´t it wonderful to think that we are in fact capable of injecting beauty, kindness and values to this mysterious but grateful venture called life?

Well, we do not need to give a lot of philosophical thought to all of it… It is as easy as believing that LIFE IS CERTAINLY A RUNWAY… 

Therefore, today let me share with you some lovely insights on how to make our life, and hopefully others’, the most genuine and honest runway possible… Living truthfully and gratefully is all that it takes!

* BE BEAUTIFUL YOUR OWN WAY. Those you might think are your flaws might be in reality your greatest treasures. Take advantage of every single detail that is part of your essence. UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY is the most precious beauty of all!

* Always, I mean always, HONOR YOURSELF. Everything you came to this life with is a gift, maybe a mysterious one, but it is a divine one. Take what you got and make it stand out in your own way!

* BE KIND AND THOUGHFUL to others. There is such an infinite beauty in those who manifest, in one way or another, genuine preoccupation for the well-being of other people. There is nothing more elegant, regal and supreme that to show your real HUMBLE PANACHE as you treat everyone around you with respect and gratefulness.

* GOOD MANNERS are without a doubt one of your best, never-forget-to-practice treasure! No matter the situation; being polite, behaving and dressing accordingly is a must! ETIQUETTE is not optional; etiquette is making others around you feel comfortable and appreciated; whatever is your personal style!

* Since LIFE IS A RUNWAY, our duty is to make it the loveliest one. Therefore, always dress showing beauty and coherence! Consider your age, body type, size and occasion, of course.  

* Forget about copying others; how boring is that! Be inspired by others, but ENJOY BEING YOURSELF, enjoy the process of DISCOVERING YOUR OWN STYLE! Give yourself permission to BE YOU, and to assimilate in your own way the trends and fashion statements.

* ATTITUDE is so much! The most beautiful and valuable thing in a women is for sure the CONFIDENCE in herself. Let life enlighten you with its everyday lessons and keep your head up high.

* Don´t keep it all to yourself! Share your knowledge and superb taste with those nice people like yourself. Do it without hesitation, it is your duty, and a very wonderful one! Remember, what goes around comes around!

* What you are is in many ways what you wear, and that does not mean ‘designer’! You wear your cleanness, your authenticity, your dreams, your genuine kindness, your politeness and you wear your very unique and beautiful OWN STYLE! 
When we look beautiful, we show greatness and respect for others and for ourselves while making this world a more special one; plus, we might inspire others! Enjoy the ride! 


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