Who doesn’t want to look more beautiful, fresh, radiant everyday? Who doesn’t want to welcome each birthday looking at the mirror HAPPY after taking good and conscious care of one’s image and gifts?
Certainly, pampering of our physical body is a fundamental part of reassuring our self-love and self-respect… We owe it to ourselves. Of course, never forgetting that our REAL HAPPINESS will always come from taking care of our souls first.
This time, I decided to search for important information and answers about the nowadays so famous PLASTIC SURGERIES; how to have them, if we wish, with CONSCIOUSNESS & RESPONSIBILITY. So I found the perfect professional and expert in the field: Dr. Ana Mercedes Torrealba; a magnificent plastic surgeon who warmly offered some minutes of her very busy agenda to give us some ADVICE.
This lady, graduated in Universidad Central de Venezuela, is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, with specializations in reconstructions; maxillofacial interventions, laser surgeries… And much more. So, we are kind of taking to whom we should.
Here her words on this topic…
Why this boom regarding plastic surgeries? How do you perceive modern women ‘feel/think about themselves’?
There are so many things we could say about this. The competition for looking and feeling fantastic has exponentially increased. The truth here is that women must be clearly aware of their real REASONS to go through plastic surgeries. These REASONS should be related to COMPLEMENTING a woman’s QUALITY or FEATURE; and not the base to have a new feature or strength.
There is a NEED for physical and psychological MATURITY when going through a plastic surgery.
Which are those plastic surgeries in greater demand?
International statistics are showing that the most popular is first liposculpture, and then mammoplasty, especially the augmentation one.
Which are the main risk regarding plastic surgeries?
That will be putting your life in danger by choosing a surgeon without the proper certifications and recognition from the Medical Association of his/her country. You must find the right doctor and place where to have your plastic surgery practiced. Be careful with cheap options!
What are the most important things we must consider before going through a plastic surgery?
-First, you should be healthy; then you need to have the time for proper recovery. Plan in advance because you will need help and support from those close to you.
-Choose well your surgeon. Make sure he has the right studies and certifications.

-It is ideal when you get to know previous surgeries (results) practiced by your doctor before going through your own.. It is extremely important that you feel good and confident about the doctor you choose.

-Do not forget that even though they are 'plastic / aesthetic surgeries', they are as serious as any other medical intervention. Never underestimate those advices given by your surgeon before and after surgery.

-Be HONEST when it comes to give information about yourself regarding your medical history; hiding information should never be an option.

Thank you, thank you Dr. Torrealba for this wonderful and supremely important information!

At the end of our conversation; Dr. Torrealba  told me that “...standards have raised so much when it comes to women and their desire for looking ‘perfect’.”

This reality left me thinking…
Dear readers, we must be extremely clear about the REASONS that could motivate us to consider a plastic surgery… Because the truth is ‘PERFECTION’ DOES NOT EXIST… IT IS ‘EXCELLENCE’ WHAT WE SHOULD LOOK FOR… THE EXCELLENCE OF OUR TRUE BEING FROM THE INSIDE OUT… Because that is what life is about...
Do you want to know more about Dr. Torrealba? www.anamercedestorrealba.com ; @DraAnaTorrealba

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